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My name is Tiegan Dakin. This is my writer blog. It was formerly known as Harbour, but I reached the conclusion that it would be easier for you to find me if my blog’s name was my name. You can also find me in a few other places I’ll link you to at the bottom of this page.

Who am I? A writer who shares parts of myself through what I make.

I used to write book-related articles for Avenoir Magazine, but as you might notice by this post, I resigned. I’m in the process of interviewing spoken word poets for cahoodaloodaling, and I’m also the founder and chief editor of an online literary magazine called The Drowning Gull. I like to think I’m very active in the literary community (or, at least, I try to be).

I’m almost 16 years of age with a few poetry pieces and photography publications under my belt. I think it’s best to start early so you know what you’re up against in this world.

Some other things about me can be found on one of my blog posts, the clickbait called Mindblowingly Crazy Facts About Me, and in the chunk of text labelled “About Me” on the sidebar. All you need to take from all of this is that I am a teenager hoping to empower young writers- although older ones wouldn’t hurt- to exercise their craft.

I adore poetry, YA, my friends and family, screenwriting, falling asleep to the sound of rain, and most of all, being who I am. By definition, my own version of perfect.




E-mail: tiegan-@outlook.com







12 thoughts on “About/ Contact

  1. Tiegan, Can’t believe how thoughtful you are for fifteen. You blog is very well done and I’m impressed that you write and are an artist. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love company!

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  2. Hi! I think your blog is great – a nice mix of wordy stuff and piccies (kind of like my own, but I don’t get to do the arty gubbins quite so much these days). After I left my teens I went years without having a creative outlet, so make sure you keep going with your creative blog, no matter what you end up doing as a job in years to come.
    My eldest daughter is called Tegan (in old Brittonic aka Welsh & Cornish) it means pretty little thing. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I definitely try my best to keep going. And yes, except I have a unique spelling, and it gives me trouble… people pronounce it “TY-gen”, or spell it in lots of weird ways: Tigan, Teigan, Teagan, Tegan. Etc. Keep going with your blog, too! It’s awesome 🙂

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      1. Fanx! 😀
        My daughter has the same problems – some people rhyme it with Megan (so “Tegg An” rather than “Tee Gan”). I tend to call her Tig. Or Tee. My favourite question to ask her is “tea, Tee?”

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  3. Hi there! If I didn’t see you in Kelli’s blog I would’ve thought that a Tegan and Sara fan started following me, sorry! Anyways, thank you for dropping by and becoming a follower – I prefer things to be mutual, so I’m also following you. Looking forward to your posts 😉
    P.S. Goodness, you’re talented!


    1. Agnes, thank you! Kelli’s blog is definitely one I frequent often. And I’ve heard one of Tegan and Sara’s songs… “Closer”? Not too fond of it, personally. Thank you for following 🙂 (another three followers before I reach 100!)

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