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Better Late Than Never…

Yo! Hey there!

I’ve just come out of the black hole that was the winter school holidays. (Yeah, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever called the school holidays a black hole). I thought I’d get to blogging before now, but here we are. I was supposed post here months ago, but… better late than never! *Glances at post title cheekily*

On May 5 (and I think this is strange, because I posted about my publication in FIVE:2:ONE Magazine after this happened), the first issue of The Drowning Gull’s Sea Salt Series was released! I’m proud to say the issue was dominated by women poets, with a select few male artists or writers also contributing. Here’s the cover (click to access the issue):

sea salt

Kevin Zepper sent me an interesting selection of artworks to choose from, but I felt that this artwork fit the H20 theme best, so me and Katie chose it for the cover. I know, I deserve to be showered with roses and awarded a medal for my exemplary art-choosing skills! 

After that, there is the more recent release of the third main issue! The marvelous Katelyn Dunne took over most some of the lit mag maintenance around this time, because I was so overwhelmed with schoolwork that I couldn’t find the energy to do extra work. And I know I say this basically every time I’ve published an issue alongside her, but thank you so much, Katie! I know you’re reading. I’m hoping she’ll be able to revamp the blog, because since some of our editors left (like I have), it kind of got… abandoned. And get new staff! Because help is always good and more often than not necessary to maintain your mental health (running a literary magazine on your own can turn you a little bit crazy.).

You can access the issue here:


This gorgeous cover art was created by my good friend and award-winning poet, Orooj-e-Zafar, who obviously has numerous artistic talents. (By the way– if you love poetry, you should definitely preorder her debut poetry collection- Home & Other Debris-from the Where Are You Press shop!!)

Katie wrote an Editor’s Note  for this issue announcing she will be taking over as Chief Editor. That is 100% accurate. I needed to take some time away to focus on my education, which is more important now since I’m working toward my HSC. I had to let something go, and The Drowning Gull had to be it. BUT. Under Katie’s control, I’m sure it will flourish without me. I’ll continue to share TDG news and promote issues, because it still matters to me.

I have done little writing up until now, and anything I have done I would say is not publishable material. You know, killing off characters who exist purely to act as my literary voodoo dolls. I have just started the creative writing component of my Extension English class for this year, though, so I may have something to share soon. And I have some other writing ideas simmering.

I was actually thinking that from now on, I could say goodbye in each post through quotes from books or by authors in general. I don’t know. It seems apt. So, with that…

“I will not try to convince you to love me, to respect me, to commit to me. I deserve better than that; I AM BETTER THAN THAT…Goodbye.”

Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience




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