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Weird fiction in FIVE:2:ONE Magazine, and more stuff…

So yet again, I have neglected this blog. But I’m back again to share some publication news.

First of all, I’ve had a weird flash fiction piece published in FIVE:2:ONE Magazine’s #sideshow! You can click on the picture below to read it.

two masked citizens.png

This is the piece I was talking about in my last post– the one I wrote for my school English assignment, for which I had to demonstrate my understanding of the concept of journeys.  (FYI, full marks! 15/15! Yay!)

You might notice the picture above is very strange… It’s actually one frame of a GIF file which zooms in on the man’s mask repeatedly on the website. The GIF seems to be reflective of one of the characters in the story (aside from the lack of shirt). This  idea was incorporated into the FIVE:2:ONE Magazine publishing routine by Nathan Alan Schwartz, its Editor in Chief. It definitely resonates with the mag’s aim: to publish the weirdly wonderful and extremely eccentric. In a very straight-forward fashion, the submission guidelines request that.


FIVE:2:ONE believes that weird is dank af! But, you may ask yourself what is weird? How did I get here? Well, the quirky is weird. The dark and strange is also weird. More specifically we are looking for poetry about David Bowie or pop culture(for example). We want works of art that explode with emotions. Show us your innards in the way of words(because if you showed us pictures of your innards we might not accept that..just saying) We want to laugh too. We are looking for fiction about Oscar Wilde and Captian Beefheart discussing God(another example).  We love shoegaze, Ty Segall, fuzz, garage band  music so send us works that are on par with that too! Send us philosophical works and  political works.   Evoke, strong and experimental images about your love for the Talking Heads or Cat Powers or any other band/movie/TV show for that matter. Give us works that are something different. We want mad science in our stories, poems, art and essays. Show us something that nobody else has done. We like works that carry voices on their own and that may shatter and bend rules. We love language/visual/ found poetry. Cross-genres/hybrid works are also among our favorites. We also love second person POV fiction. Basically, send us your most on point and dank af babies just being honest really.

I’m very happy that FIVE:2:ONE Magazine was the space that published my first fiction work EVER. You can follow this link to get to their submission guidelines, if you have a weird baby you think will match their tastes.

In addition to that publication, the Drowning Gull‘s Sea Salt Series held it’s virtual inauguration on May 5! You can click on this picture to be directed to the issue.

sea salt

The artwork here is courtesy of the amazing photographer, Kevin Zepper! Me and Katie picked out this piece for the cover because of the beautiful interaction between the shades of blue, and the balance of sea versus sky.

It was a huge challenge trying to narrow down the large volume of submissions we received to the few we ended up accepting, but we got there in the end. This time, the Editor’s Note is by the one and only Katelyn Dunne (Katie), the Managing Editor of The Drowning Gull. She’s very passionate about this series, so I thought it was only fair that I handed over the reins to her here. I don’t know what I’d do without this gorgeous human being!

This Sea Salt issue is dominated by women poets who have Pushcart nominations, a plethora of publishing credits (most notably of those being publication in Rattle) and undeniably prolific editorial work under their belts .

Anyway, that’s all for now. Maybe I’ll be back someday.


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And, if you’re a writer looking for places to publish your work, The Drowning Gull is open for submissions. We’re seeking all kinds of pieces on any subject for our main issue to be released in June 2017. Guidelines can be found here.


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