2017 · Poetry

When School Starts, Life Ends… And Other Stuff.

I wish I could say I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but that isn’t the case. School started again on January 30, and ever since then I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of homework and assigned reading. I know… Excuses, excuses. There’s always something keeping me, isn’t there?

I’ve been cooped up in my room over the weekends trying to complete some homework. Tip for HSC success: a quiet workspace. Which is kind of impossible when you live in a one-storey house, because you can hear EVERYTHING. And everything includes violent Transformers movies and dishwasher-emptying noises.

I’ve been working on a flash fiction piece, too; assigned work for my English class. We’re supposed to communicate our understanding of journeys through a narrative. I’m contemplating either publishing it here, or submitting it to a few journals and see what luck I have with it, once I’ve turned it in at school.

Also, I’ve finally been published in another journal! It feels like ages since my work has been accepted and published ( a few months). Michael Prihoda at After the Pause accepted one of my visual/ erasure poems for publication! You may remember that this same journal published two artworks of mine in their Summer 2016 issue. You’re right.

The cover of the Spring 2017 After the Pause issue is absolutely gorgeous! You can find my poem, Raw, on page 8. Just click on the picture to be redirected to Issuu.


I love how After the Pause is open to so many experimental poetry forms; it’s hard to find journals that publish erasures and multi-media works like those this journal publishes. Whenever I look journals like that up on Google, I get Found Poetry Review, and that’s about it. So us poets who love experimenting are pretty limited with our choices.

Anyway, I’ll try posting here more often… But you know I’ve said that before.


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And if you’re a writer looking for places to publish your work, The Drowning Gull is open for submissions! We’re seeking all kinds of pieces with a H2O theme for our Sea Salt Series inaugural issue, and work on any subject for our third main issue. Guidelines can be found here.





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