The Drowning Gull

Issue #2 of The Drowning Gull is live!!

Yesterday afternoon, I finally published of the Drowning Gull’s second issue centred around nature! I absolutely adore the cover art, and the pieces within are spectacular. Click on the cover image to be taken to the issue.

cover 4.jpg

I think I’m so proud of this issue because I was worried that we would find nothing we or our audience would enjoy reading… But in the end, we did! I’m especially grateful for the contributions of Thomas Terceira, whose artwork is featured on the cover and also within the issue itself. If you would like a print of “Sea Life” (the cover image), you can purchase one here.

Additionally, the issue features artwork and nonfiction by Gwen Wilkinson, Joseph Norton, Casey Cromwell, John C. Mannone, and more! I enjoyed reading and picking out these pieces, and found writing the Editor’s Note very enjoyable. Thank yous, as always, are extended to Katie, Rebecca, Shona, and Ben for helping with the social media, administrative, and editing sides of things. You are a wonderful group of people to work with..

The Drowning Gull is still open to submissions: we’re currently seeking submissions of all genres for the third main issue (to be published on June 15, 2017) and the ocean-themed inaugural Sea Salt Series issue (to be published on March 15, 2017). View the submission guidelines here for information on how to submit for either.

Thank you to those of you who have supported this endeavour thus far!

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If you’re a writer looking to get your work out there, I run a literary magazine called The Drowning Gull. We’re currently reading for our inaugural ocean-themed Sea Salt Series issue and our unthemed main issue– so if you’ve created something, please do send it to us!

Thanks for reading!




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