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Artwork in Weirderary!

I woke up this morning to an exciting e-mail!

Dear Tiegan Dakin,

Thank you for sending us “Journey” and “Thought Trail”. We love them and would like to publish them in the next issue of weirderary. Are they still available?

Thanks again.
Jay Thompson

I quickly replied saying they were, and they sent a message back asking for my Twitter handle ( @tiegan_dakin ) and a 75 word biography. They then CASUALLY added that their next issue was due to be released the same night. This is when our time zones are completely different, and I’d read the e-mail three or four hours after they’d sent it.

I sent a biography and checked their website, quickly noticing that they’d already published my artwork, and had simply forgone a biography.

I’m happy to be published, but slightly unhappy that they’d left it until the last minute to accept my piece for publication. Especially when they know that not all writers respond to e-mails within minutes of them having been sent.

Nonetheless, at the centre of it all… here and here are my photos. They were both taken at night-time during a car journey home. My biography isn’t with either of the photos yet, but I’ll check in to see if it is over the next few days.

The issue also features work by Genelle Chaconas , Anthony Knot, Daniel Bourne, Susan Solomon, Lindsay Fowler and Adreyo Sen, among a few other wonderful and talented writers and artists.

Have you ever experienced anything like that before? I hope not. Publication is a blessing, but the way lit mags go about enacting it isn’t always so.

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If you’re a writer looking to get your work out there, I run a literary magazine called The Drowning Gull. We’re currently reading for a nature-themed, NONFICTION AND ART ONLY issue– so if you create in those categories, please do send us something.

Thanks for reading!


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