“So Much Synth”

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I just did a quick Google search of Brenda Shaughnessy- to check if she had published any more poems since my last Google search- and I’ve discovered that she has a new poetry collection coming out in May! The collection is called So Much Synth, a title I like very much(but then again, I would probably like anything Brenda wrote).

brenda shaughnessy

In November last year, I wrote a letter to her because I felt so inspired by the collections I’d read. Normally I don’t support fan mail, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity. Even she would never reply.

Brenda is virtually non-existent on the internet, aside from her poetry publications on several publications such as The Awl, and The New Yorker. I knew she had published her collections with Copper Canyon Press, so I asked whether they would be able to forward it to Brenda.

I think it got sent on the 6th. It’s been over three months. I can only assume Copper Canyon Press passed it on because they e-mailed me to say so. But, to be honest, whether or not Brenda replies is not what’s constantly on my mind.

Have you ever sent your favourite writer or idol fan mail? Did you get a reply?

If you want to read some of Brenda’s works, you can check out her poems in:

The Paris Review

The Awl

Bomb Magazine


Narrative Magazine

I’m always amazed by Brenda’s poetry, so it’s nothing but a pleasure for me to introduce her to other people.

You can also read about her in this post. That poem is the epitome of my life. Maybe it will become the epitome of yours.











5 thoughts on ““So Much Synth”

  1. I was surprised to read any that rhymed! I remember you said that’s not your thing. 😀

    I enjoyed Brenda’s work. Honestly, I never read much poetry before I started writing it. Even now, I read other bloggers’ poetry but I’ve never looked for it in any publications or books or anything. I think when I read, I always reach for a novel! 🙂

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    1. Rhyme is my thing when it’s done right, and I’ve read so many NOT done right that I’m just turned off by the idea.

      My poetry collection count is at about 6, and I’m hoping it’ll grow… Maybe you’ll think about getting some collections?

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      1. I was working on something a couple of days ago and I did not intend for it to rhyme. But as I wrote, it came out rhyming. Does my brain just want to rhyme? Who the hell am I? Mother Goose? I don’t know, but I could not write non-rhyming anything that night.

        I may sound like an idiot… but what do you mean by collections? Other poets work? Or my own?


      2. If it’s meant to be, it will be, as they say 😉

        Yes, I do mean other poet’s collections. As I mentioned on my previous Brenda Shaughnessy-themed post, she has published three. I’ve also got some of Nikkey Finney, Mark Leidner, and Marie Howe. I wouldn’t recommend Nikkey if you’ve only just started reading poetry, though (her work isn’t that simple).

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      3. I never really thought about it… I’m behind with reading the books I already have. I’ve got at least 10 on the shelf waiting for me but I have been writing so much lately (in all forms), I haven’t read much of anything!

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