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I have some great news!

The interview I talked about in this post has been accepted for publication by cahoodaloodaling. It will be included in their Trigger Warning issue to be released in late April!


As well as that publication in cahoodalooding, I’ve been offered the opportunity to have additional interviews of spoken word poets be included as quarterly features. I already have some poets in mind. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.

In searching for some ideas, I’ve come across some simply beautiful spoken word videos… see below.

Convenience Stores– Buddy Wakefield

The video consists of five minutes of a car reversing along roads. I highly recommend you just listen to the poem on its own, because the visuals aren’t very interesting to watch.

buddy wakefield.png

Katie Wirsing and Andrea Gibson in Dublin 1 of 2

I’ve never heard anyone talk about periods with the enthusiasm or humour like these girls. If you are a woman, this is poem is definitely for you.

katie wirsing

To This Day– Shane Koyczan

To This Day is definitely my favourite video of them all. The animations are stunning, and the way the poem is read is just as captivating. You can both watch and listen to this video. Each of the elements is well thought-out and therefore very effective in conveying its message.

to this day

Feel free to share any spoken word video links below, or suggest any spoken word poets for me to interview.

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Thanks for reading!




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