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Amanda Seyfried: Oil Pastel and Charcoal



These took a great deal of effort to complete.

I took Amanda Seyfried’s character from In Time:

amanda seyfried

There is a bit of likeness, but I think I:

a) Made the bridge of the nose too wide.

b) Put too much shadow on the jaw of the oil pastel version.

c) Made her cheekbone stick out too much in the oil pastel version.

d) Made the charcoal version of  Amanda Seyfried look like a zombie.

e) Messed up her left eye in the oil pastel drawing.

However, there are some positives:

a) The oil pastel colours work really well, as does the charcoal and green.

b) The majority of the shading is decent.

Okay, maybe not as many as I had thought.

We all (art class) chose a character we wanted to draw; someone chose Angelina Jolie. Another Hugh Jackman. Another Johnny Depp. Celebrities.

To start these projects, we drew a grid over the original picture as well as a blank piece of paper. We translated each rectangle/square of the image onto the paper with as much accuracy as possible.

We then copied that drawn version onto another piece of paper, to make two copies. Hence, the charcoal and oil pastel version of Amanda Seyfried.

We all started the oil pastel version first, and once we’d finished, we proceeded to do the charcoal. Everyone had a choice as to if they painted the background of the charcoal drawing or used charcoal in it (because there would inevitably be smudges).

I got higher grades for the charcoal drawing. Which do you think is better?

Wow. I feel really amateur now after looking up oil pastel drawings. Here’s some I found:

food oil pastel

Image Source

human oil pastel

Image Source

mountain oil pastel

Image Source


Image Source


And a couple of charcoal drawings:

Charcoal Still Life

Image Source

owl charcoal

Image Source

baby charcoal

Image Source

I’ve still got plenty of time to get better.

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