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Questions for Writers Going Into 2016

This is inspired by a picture on rhiwritesmadly!

I’ll answer a few of these questions.

blog post.pngWhat goals did you set for yourself in 2015?

None, really. I’m 15. 15 year old writers don’t have goals. (Just joking.)

At one point, I wanted to finish a poetry chapbook as well as a collection. I also wanted to write a novel.

Did you achieve them? Why?

I didn’t achieve any of them. My brain just can’t deal with writing long things, and I think it’s because I’m too focussed on the end result rather than taking baby steps to reach that. As well as the internet distracting me.

What was your biggest achievement in 2015? Your biggest failure?

My biggest achievement would definitely be the fact that I managed to get published. You can see my publications on my About page.

My biggest failure. I didn’t have any major failures. Little ones, like getting rejected, were necessary.

What inspired you this past year?

Countless things. Literary magazine acceptances. Managing to actually finish pieces of writing and poetry that I’m proud of. Connecting with other bloggers who’ve been through so much and inspire so many… movies like Still Alice and If I Stay. Music like Say Something and Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself. Myself, when I’ve made it through another year unscathed.

What held you back/ demotivated you? How can you eliminate this in 2016?

Comparing myself the greats. I feel totally uninspired when I read one of Brenda Shaughnessy’s poems or try to imitate Gena Showalter. I think the only way to stop doing this is to keep telling myself every one of the people who inspired me had to suck at some point in their lives… and I’m at that point.

The internet, for another thing. I set out to write a story on my laptop and the internet is distracting. I’m on Facebook and WordPress all the time instead of writing, just to text people and see if the stats for this blog have gone up by 1 (yes, I am guilty). I’m already planning to eliminate this by converting my method of writing. I just got an awesome hardback A4 writing book with a binder and awesome cover…


so that I can, at the very least, draft stories. I think I’ll get things done more efficiently and quickly this way. I’m interested to see how it’ll work out.

What worked for you last year? What didn’t?

Creating in lots of different ways. i.e Poetry, Fiction, Photography.

What didn’t work?

Trying to focus on one outlet.

Using my laptop to write.

Having the internet on while using my laptop to write.

What lessons have you learned in 2015? How will this change in the coming year?

All the things above that I’ve mentioned.

What are your weaknesses? What are you going to do about them?

I’ve known for a long time what my weaknesses are. For example, I’m not very good at painting on 2D surfaces like paper.

I could practice if I wanted to, but painting isn’t something I could ever see myself enjoying. I completely respect people who paint, but it doesn’t appeal to me to start.

I also knew already that I’m a sucker for descriptions… I do go overboard with describing settings in my writing, and I’m working on that.

What are your strengths? How are you going to make the most of them?

My strengths just revolve around creativity, ie. writing and art.

To be honest, my poetry hasn’t been as up to par on this blog as it should have been, and that’s because I actually didn’t try very hard to share my best work with you… I want to change that.

I’ll make the most of my strengths by sharing my work, as I usually do.

What do you want to have achieved by the end of 2016?

You can read about that on this post.












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