My Little Poirot

Little posts on artwork I’ve made will be done every Saturday.

Today’s artwork…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I put the photos of it into a slideshow for you, which is something I’ve never done before.

This was a project I did through school. The actual structure, made from what I think was white earthenware clay, took a few weeks to make. (Having only five art lessons a fortnight to work on them.) We used newspaper as an armature- so that we head a structure to work around with the clay- to make the general head and shoulders.

I made the head a little too big for the neck and shoulders, so my art teacher redid the whole thing… there’s a little tear in my heart because I know I didn’t make the entire thing.

I pressed my fingers into the shoulders repeatedly while clay was being shaped, and that turned out pretty well.

The painting took another few weeks to do. I like most of the colours.  That is, except the shade of purple I used on the back of the head and under the golden bow tie.  I’m also not too fond of the lips. The photos are okay in that regard until you reach the one where the clay bust is directly facing the camera at eye-level.

What I do like is the eyes and the way I dotted the shoulders with red as well as white. I’ve taken to calling it Poirot, because it does kind of look like the fictional character. And my art teacher also said so.

We were told to look up caricatures on the internet to get ideas before hand, because we weren’t aiming for realism. I got frustrated at times, making this.

Have you ever made something like this before?






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