These People Deserve My Gratitude


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There’s so many people and organisations I would like to thank… the list goes on.

  • A big shout-out to my teachers, who are 99% likely not to see this, but nonetheless. An especially enthusiastic thank you to those teachers who have always been encouraging and supportive of my writing. You know who you are.
  • Thank you to my family (who I don’t talk about much). They are a big part of who I am and the way they raised me has taught me so much.
  • This probably seems dumb to some, but I am thankful for WordPress. Had they not developed this platform, I would be living day to day without blogging in my life. It seems impossible to let it go now. I can’t remember how I lived without it.
  • A thank you to Tessa at Nothing Was Said and also Carly-Jay at Bruises You Can Touch for their inspiring, thought-provoking, down-to-earth posts. I never leave their blogs without feeling something. Thank you, Tessa and Carly-Jay!
  • I also owe Gigantic Sequins a thank you. I follow their blog. A massive thanks to them for running their Teen Sequins poetry contests, which has provided talented teens with exposure that was long overdue. I’m sure we’ll remember.
  • Jamison Crabtree is also  worthy of my gratitude. He is a person I met via Gigantic Sequins’ free mentorship program, and someone who I talked about in this post. He’s offered some great advice and tries to reply to my e-mails as soon as he can, which I sometimes think is more than I deserve.
  • The Red Room Company deserves my acknowledgement. They encourage young poets to create and their mission is to make poetry accessible to all and make it a meaningful part of life. They have certainly made it an even more meaningful part of mine.
  • Gravel Literary Journal, for being the first journal to publish my photography.
  • Zaeren Momand and Tara Sidebottom at Avenoir Magazine, for providing a reliable platform for my work where it can be appreciated and improved upon with their guidance.
  • Blue Bonnet Review, for publishing my poetry and adding that extra bit in my biography that boosted my confidence.
  • Squawk Back, for running such a wonderful magazine that showcases the work of otherwise unrecognised poets and writers.
  • The Legendary, for providing the opportunity for first publication. You can’t imagine how amazing it felt to open my e-mail and read your acceptance letter.
  • Aeryn Rudel at Rejectomancy, for being a valuable addition to blogging community. I’ve found his posts to be both entertaining and informative. Thank you, Aeryn.
  • A special thanks to Sandy W at The Disappearing Island. She softened my lonely emergence into the blogging community, and I can’t imagine how blogging would have turned out without her.
  • Another special thanks goes out to some of the people I know who are moving schools next year… I hope you do well and find your place wherever it is you’re going. Know if you’re not happy there that you can always return.
  • And I mustn’t forget all of the people who follow me… all 76 of them. My most recent follower is Bob Findlay. Thank you, Bob, and thank you to all the people like you who are kind enough to follow me!

This will be my last post for the year… the next time I talk  you will be in 2016. Make these last few days of 2015 memorable!


5 thoughts on “These People Deserve My Gratitude

  1. Hey Tiegan! Thank you so much for your lovely words – they really mean a lot. I’m now following your blog, so I look forward to reading your writing 🙂 I hope you have a fabulous 2016! XOXO

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