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The Last Time We Say Goodbye: A Review

I wrote a heartfelt post about this book here, a month ago, which covers how I feel about it.

However, I got a review of The Last Time We Say Goodbye published two weeks ago on Avenoir. I forgot about the review until just now, but that’s because I’m rarely reminded by the bosses about when any of my pieces are to be/ will be published.

You can read the review here. Please do comment on it- either under this post or on Avenoir’s website. Feel free to like Avenoir’s Page on Facebook.

Here is an excerpt:

The Last Time We Say Goodbye is a novel by Cynthia Hand, a New York Times bestselling author. It is based on the life of a high school senior called Alexis Griggs- A.K.A Lex who, like many of us, wants the chance to say that last goodbye. The title creates a bit of a depressing mood. Do we all make every goodbye a meaningful one? No. If we knew when the last goodbye was, would we? Definitely. An “I love you”. A “Break a leg.” Maybe chuck in an “I can’t live without you” line in there. Lex’s brother, Ty, died of suicide; through the barrel of a gun, in the garage of her home where she no longer ventures but must face eventually. The thought of Ty alone tears invisible holes in Lex’s body. ”

If you’re interested in seeing more about what I think about the book, you can check out the link.

I can’t seem to fill up this post with any more words. I think I’ll have more to say tomorrow.

Until then,





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