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ACID- A Book Review

Another writing piece of mine was published yesterday in Avenoir as a part of Bookaholic Fridays.

Here is an excerpt:


Bookaholic Friday: ACID Review


Emma Pass’s debut novel, ACID, focuses on the emotional journey of Jenna Strong. In an age where people have forgotten, what a public library is, what the Internet entails, and where everything everyone does is regulated to a riot-worthy degree. ‘ACID’, Agency for Crime Investigation and Defence, is an agency, which was initially a national police force but has turned into a prejudiced dictator of the UK. Which is now known as the Independent Republic of Britain (IRB).

Jenna Strong was one of the more privileged members of this society. She lived and breathed “upper class” in a part of London called Upper. Rich families or those associated with ACID lived there. The rest of the peasants in London were victim to the slums of Outer or Middle, where rules were more strictly enforced and food supplies both less appetizing and abundant.

Jenna loses two years of her life in a high-security prison, after killing her parents when she was 15. When she escapes, a vengeful chain of events unfolds. Upper is a thing of the past. Outer seems like a thing of the future – what will the whole of London will be like?


It’s another one of those “post-apocalyptic” novels, like the Hunger Games and Divergent. This sort of society was formed, however, after  people- namely, ACID– thought that the government wasn’t a good one. Hence resulting in a very sadistic, controlling environment.

I highly encourage you to visit the review, read it, and either comment about it under this post or on Avenoir’s website.

I also highly encourage you to read the book! Emma Pass is a wonderful author.




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