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Saturday Photos

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

I have a folder of photos on my laptop that I haven’t looked through for a while.

In that folder, I found these two photos of horses that I apparently took almost four years ago! It’s on a little patch of land probably a fifteen minute bike ride from my house. I haven’t been past there for a while, so it’s my guess that the land has been bought to use for future residential buildings.

Back then, I had a tiny pink camera. I can’t remember exactly the brand or lens size, but I do remember that the quality wasn’t on par and the screen was tiny. So this is a really good picture for that camera.

I upgraded last year to a Samsung MV800, with a 26mm Schneider Kreuznach lens. And that is about as technical I can get with photography language.

Just for creativity’s sake, what would you name these horses, if they were yours?

Here are some other more recent photos.




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