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I just jumped onto WordPress and saw the tell-tale orange dot on the notification bell.

It turns out that Harbour has now reached 100 likes!

It makes me happy that so many of you enjoy my posts, and I hope you will continue to do so over the next few years. I’m proud of what I’ve done and I want to especially thank the 44 people who decided to press the follow button. It has changed my life.

I sincerely and enthusiastically thank you all. One of my previous posts, a poem, can effectively sum up this moment.


Inedible Appreciation


You are inspired by EimzPink

ink. Your appreciation is


and without barbed

wire obstacles.

Because you remember your camp

roommate who ordered you

to read your poems aloud in exchange

for her

to do the same in visible but pointless


and kindly force mascara

onto your cosmetic virgin

eyelashes actually

green via


Because you remember

the boy

who became your best friend and who

made you happy but simultaneously


You by yourself pieced the pulmonary

shards together,



you remember the first

time you were a legend

in The Legendary

and pleaded for modesty’s


A little too

bigheaded for outward


you’re sorry.

Because you recognise

the bloated bellies bloated from

malnutrition, not


They have pleading eyes,

too, but we

all want different things,

and that,

you remember.

You recognise

that sometimes you are the annoying

tinnitus in someone else’s ear,

but that you are loveable



Each of you is that friend; that boy; that accepting editor of The Legendary; and, most importantly, that loveable human being.

Thank you.




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