The Controversy of “Untitled”

Have you ever written a poem and left it untitled? Maybe having called it Untitled?

Wow. I just realised that this is definitely my most opinionated weekend yet. Anyway. Naming a poem- or any other form of writing, for that matter- “Untitled”, is definitely not something I would advise.


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I’m not sure what you think about this, but I personally object to it. ‘Untitled’ gives me the impression that the writer has no idea what he/she wants to portray in his/her piece of writing. I feel a deep chasm of emptiness trying to read something that doesn’t have a title; it’s like living with someone who doesn’t have a name, and using ‘oi’ as a substitute due to the lack of one.

The only reason I would reluctantly accept it is if it relates to the context of the piece- i.e, the narrator is speechless about something, or similar.

Other reasons as to why I detest utilising “Untitled” as a title:

  1. Boring
  2. Repetitive
  3. So similar to clichés that it’s not even funny.

Just to go with this post- and since I was curious- I searched up poems that were named Untitled. Here’s some links to the poems called Untitled that these poets wrote:

Do you know any famous poems called Untitled?


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