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How Amanda Hocking Changed the Way I Look at Trolls

Hello, wonderful people!

I’m really excited because I just got my next Bookaholic Fridays piece published on Avenoir. This time, it’s an opinion piece- explaining how Amanda Hocking, a YA author, changed my opinion on trolls. It’s not meant to be serious; it’s meant to be funny or at least amusing. You can read the article here- and please do click the link and comment if at all possible.

The article is about how almost every human being has an assumption that trolls are evil or unintelligent. Not that I’m saying they should be images of perfection- because every being has its imperfections- but we make trolls out to be incapable of comprehending human morals and lacking compassionate qualities.


Image source

You might say that, in the end, fairy-tales are fairy-tales. There always has to be that evil crone or ugly troll to emphasise the sunshine-and-lollypops-ness of the positive aspect of Brothers Grimm Fairytales (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, this unreliable but nonetheless informative Wikipedia page might help you).

Have a great day! See you tomorrow (but don’t forget to click on the link).



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