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Gravel and Objects

Hey guys! It’s back to the weekend again.

The good news is, on the 3rd of this month, I received my first photography publication acceptance! Three of my own photos will be featured in Gravel Literary Journal’s November issue. They’re pictures of flowers that I took around my Neighbourhood– probably looking a bit suspicious because I was standing out in front of houses with the camera.

The next thing: I mentioned on my publications/achievements page that I was shortlisted for the Red Room Company’s Poetry Object 2014 contest. The Poetry Object contest is on again this year, and I got shortlisted again!  Here is where you can read the shortlist. I’m on the fourth page, very right hand column, 6 down.

The only thing that disappoints me about it is that I didn’t get the time I needed to write the poem. Lilly Blue ran the workshop at my school for only a couple of hours and the time frame didn’t allow for decent editing.

Having said these things, I will leave you with a question… do you think a poem is ever finished? Maybe you agree with this quote.



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