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Mindblowingly Crazy Facts About Me

Who am I?

That’s kind of hard to answer.

Let’s just say I am art, and art is me. Touché.

Where have I been published?

The Legendary, Blue Bonnet Review, Squawk Back, and Gravel Literary Journal, among others. You’ll find more recent updates of my publications on the Publications/Achievements page.

Who are my favourite authors?

  • Amanda Hocking. I’ve read three amazing trilogies of hers so far, all based on supernatural creatures. It’s just up to you as to whether you prefer trolls or sirens.
  • Brenda Shaughnessy. She’s a poet, not a fiction writer. I’ve really latched onto her poems ever since I read “Artless”. When poets ask me what they should read, I always point in her direction
  • Lissa Price. YA author. I remember thinking after I finished Starters and Enders, “Where are all her other books?” Definitely an author whose future works I’ll look out for.
  • Becca Fitzpatrick. The perfect author whose characters are often mysterious and devilishly handsome, and very fan-girl-worthy. The Hush, Hush Saga has to be one of the best paranormal YA books that I’ve ever read (and I’ve read a lot).
  • Tahereh Mafi. Again, an awesome YA author! If you cringe over use of commas, or really obsess over grammatical correctness, this author may not be for you. In her Shatter Me series, the character writes in a notebook, which means she isn’t the most eloquent– but that actually made my experience more enjoyable.
  • Gena Showalter. Gena has written a whole load of romance-y type books I’m not that into– but she has written the seriously addictive White Rabbit Chronicles. The puns regarding the titles are just overwhelming, and so is the teen angst. Oh, and there are zombies. So there’s that.

A male author has yet to make my favourites list. Sorry, all the men out there.

Hike or bike?

Bike. Definitely.

I don’t know why I included that question.

You’re new to WordPress. Who should you follow in the blogosphere?

Kelli Crockett. A very supportive, encouraging and insightful teen writer.

what sandra thinks. A mother and writer writing under a pseudonym. Her fiction is really engaging, and she’s also a wonderful and hilarious human being.

Rejectomancy. Aeryn Rudel, the writer who runs this website, gives the literary community insight into rejections, how to send your work to the right markets, and other useful pieces of information.


These are the blogs whose posts I’m always looking out for on my reader. I highly recommend you click away at that follow button.

Where do you get your featured images from?

All over the place.

Some of my featured images are accredited to Tayasui Sketches, the app I use for digital drawings. You’ll generally be able to tell which ones they are. Like this panda.


I use Google Images.

I also use my own photography and drawings.

What are your interests?

I like poetry, photography, primatology, drawing, and screenwriting (my newest phase). My focus at the moment is poetry, with a little screenwriting on the side.

Why should you read anything I say?

That’s another question I’ll have difficulty answering.

…You shouldn’t. But follow me anyway. *smiles sheepishly*

Like this post if you liked it. You can follow my website via WordPress as well as on Facebook or Twitter.

If you’re a writer looking to get your work out there, I run a literary magazine called The Drowning Gull. We’re currently reading for a nature-themed, NONFICTION AND ART ONLY issue– so if you create in those categories, please do send us something.

Thanks for reading!


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